Title 5 Inspectors in Milton, MA

Performing Title 5 Inspections in Milton, MA for Over 20 Years

Title 5 Inspectors in Milton, MATitle 5 Inspectors in Milton, MA

Title 5 Inspections are required on all septic systems and cesspools in the town of Milton, MA to sell your home. Its intent is to keep failing systems from infiltrating the ground water supply. The basics of a Title 5 Inspection involve a small machine to expose all of the components of your system. A Title 5 Inspection will recognize any problems you may be having with your system and the Inspector will recommend the appropriate action to correct it.

The whole process takes an average of 2 hours. Please remember that every town has added their own set of bylaws to the Title 5 process and every town is different. The state also requires the Inspector to take continuing education classes.

Kevin is a licensed and insured Title 5 Inspector. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call our office to speak to one of our staff.

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